Call for Tutorials

Instructions for submitting a Tutorial

FUZZ-IEEE 2017 solicits proposals for tutorials aimed at researchers, students and practicing professionals. Tutorials will be held on July 9, 2017. Traditionally, tutorials attract a broad range of audiences, including professionals, researchers from academia, students, and practitioners, who wish to enhance their knowledge in the selected tutorial topic. Tutorials offer a unique opportunity to disseminate in-depth information on specific topics in fuzzy sets and systems, soft computing/computational intelligence, and related areas.
Tutorials will be organized by scientists or professionals who own significant expertise in the selected topic and whose recent work has experienced a significant impact in their field. The format of each tutorial will be up to the organizer(s), but the focus must be on well-organized, systematic presentations of didactic value. Tutorial organizers should prepare several materials including handouts or electronic resources that will be made available for distribution before or during the tutorial. Setting up specific web pages for tutorials by tutorial organizers is highly encouraged. Tutorials will be typically of 2 hours duration. Nevertheless, proposals for 4 hour tutorials will be considered if the justification deems sufficient for the additional presentation time. The audience size of an average tutorial is expected to be around 25-50 attendees. Organizers of successful tutorials may receive some minor compensation, the details of which will be communicated later.
Tutorial proposals must be submitted electronically by October 25, 2016. Early submission is encouraged. The proposal should be brief, with a maximum length of 3-4 pages, including the title, the description of the proposed tutorial goal, the outline of the covered material and the proposed format. The justification should include the potential audience and the timeliness of the given tutorial, its proposed duration, the expected enrollment and the qualifications of the proposer(s).
All information about the proposed Tutorial will be sent to the Tutorial Chairs and .
Please feel free to address any question or suggestion you might have to the Tutorial Chairs.

Deadline expired

25 October 2016

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