The Logo

The Description of the Logo

The design of the FUZZ-IEEE 2017 Logo is based on the idea of merging typical colours and shapes that characterise the beauty of Neapolitan territories with the concepts of innovation and dynamism on which FUZZ-IEEE finds its roots.

The logo reproduces the sinuosity of the Gulf of Naples construed in accordance with soft and flowing lines, representing movements and openings, in order to get a perfect marriage between the vibrating reality of Naples and the exciting international event that this city is ready to host.

The colors of the logo evoke the natural beauty of Naples that is famous all over the world: the light blue of the sea wave merges with the dark blue of the deep, and both of them are caressed by white lights that recall the moonlight reflection on the water; the green of the mountains and of the peak of Mount Vesuvius models the unmistakable skyline of the city; the explosion of the deep yellow recalls the beautiful sun that always kisses Neapolitan territories.

The internal part of the logo is dominated by the red color that symbolises an underground, invisible but powerful energy, connecting Naples to the center of the Earth; it is a kind of magma evoking the past of Vesuvius territories, such as the history and tradition of the ancient Pompeii together with its vitality, warmth and passion, the main features of FUZZ-IEEE 2017.

Moreover, the mountain shapes related to Vesuvius in the logo, are featured by blurred contours, and they represent a clear reference to the Type-2 Fuzzy Sets. The choice of sinuous lines, even in the FUZZ-IEEE 2017 text, underlines a continuing softness and fluidity, which is linked to the flow of ideas, communication, readability and clarity, all interpreted in an artistic and creative way.

Sketches of the Logo: